Adult Mountain Biking
Fortnightly Skills Sessions (Tues evenings) and Weekly Led Rides (Sunday early)

A session will only be cancelled due to weather if it poses a threat to safety. 

In the event of cancellation full payment will be refunded.

We are launching an adults bike club for the summer term, with the dual goals of learning and refining specific mountain biking skills, and putting those skills into practice during group rides, which will also be fitness oriented, ie, not stopping much!


Skills to be covered would include:


- cone of movement

- flat corners

- berms 

- manuals 

- track stands

- getting over logs

- bunny hops

- jumps

- roots

- technical climbing

- steeper downhill sections


and any other specific skill you want to cover.


Areas to be ridden would include (Andrew's) Bike Park Hildenborough (lots of new berms, log-rollovers and jumps!), Riverhill, Sevenoaks areas, Bedgebury, Bewl etc.


Days and times: 

Skills sessions (max 6 participants): Fortnightly Tuesday evenings 7.30-8.30pm,  25th April - 18th July

Group rides (max 10 participants): Weekly (except either end of half term) Sunday mornings 8-10am, starting Sunday 30th - 16th July


Price: 7 x skills sessions £105 per rider

         10 x group rides     £100 per rider