'Thanks to Ollie Ireland and his supporters cycling is on the curriculum of nearly all the primary schools in the area, and in fact the surrounding areas. This has resulted also in an impressive increase in parent involvement in family cycling.'

Edward Oatley

Chairman Sevenoaks Sports Council

Governor at 3 local Schools

Biking for Schools

Live Biking has built, and continues to maintain several trails for Sevenoaks area schools, and is currently delivering biking tuition at five schools, both during the school day and at other times.

Latest research states that over 43% of all 6 yr olds in the UK cannot ride a bike, and this figure is rising. Increasing levels of motorised traffic on our roads, and general concerns for child safety mean that fewer children are able to enjoy regular bike riding.


Our vision therefore puts schools in the centre of a child’s bike riding education, from learning to ride a balance bike whilst in Pre-Prep, to developing advanced mountain bike skills and experiencing road cycling in varying levels of traffic.


Ollie and Andrew both believe in, and deliver an inclusive experience, so that all children can ‘Live and Love Biking’.


Primary School pupils riding the trails at Sevenoaks Primary School