Changes to Biking Sessions Due to Covid 19 

Edited Jan 2020

In line with Government Guidelines and common sense, I have made some changes to keep us and the wider community safe. Please read and ensure the participant understands the below:


1. Please ensure the rider does not attend if they are suffering from any Covid 19 symptoms. If they are then they should go for a PCR test.


2. Please ensure the participant has washed bike gloves for each season and puts their riding kit in the wash after each session.


3. When arriving please use the spacious car park, when possible, to drop off or unload without being too close to others).


4. I ask that parents who want to chat with others do so away from the club meet point.


5. There is to be no sharing of snacks or drinks.


6. No touching or swapping bikes where possible.


I know this sounds a bit strict but I want to ensure a safe environment for everyone to have fun on their bikes again :)